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What is the Lexus app?

How to use the Lexus app on your smartphone 

Have you downloaded the Lexus app on your smartphone yet? Now is the time. With the all-new Lexus app, you can enjoy a convenience above what you’ve ever expected. Your smartphone will be your connection to your vehicle, even from a distance, allowing many cool functions and features. Keep reading below to learn about the four main benefits of downloading the Lexus app. 

Four main benefits of the Lexus app 

You can use remote functions 

Remote functions are arguably the best feature of the Lexus app. With Lexus Enform Remote, you can unlock and lock your vehicle doors, start your vehicle’s engine, locate your vehicle, and more, all from your smartphone. Basically, your smartphone will act as a long-distance key, allowing you to start up your vehicle before you leave the house. 

You can check up on your vehicle’s health 

The Lexus app will provide you with a Vehicle Health Report, which will tell you about important vehicle information. Viewing a Vehicle Health Report will allow you to know when maintenance is needed and other vital vehicle information, which brings us to our last two benefits of the Lexus app. 

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You can receive maintenance reminders 

The Lexus app can send you notifications for things such as vehicle alerts, maintenance reminders, Enform Remote services, and other relevant issues. The Lexus app will keep you updated on everything you need to know related to your Lexus vehicle. 

You can schedule vehicle maintenance 

Lastly, you can use the Lexus app to schedule maintenance. When your Vehicle Health Report shows you that you may need maintenance soon, you are already in the right spot to get it scheduled. With an active subscription, you can personalize your app dashboard to show you the information that most applies to you. 

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